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    The Paradox Club (T.P.C.) is a private club. The focus here is not quantity but quality. That means it's not generally open to the public. Initially our member cap will be 100. Once that's achieved, registrations will be closed. We discuss and allow almost everything. That is because we believe that everybody is allowed to speak his/her mind without any restrictions. Please make sure to read and follow the Rules so as to enjoy being a member of a unique club.

    All content here is advert free, no spyware and no viruses. Our Useful Links contain the least possible of adverts and popups while providing great and free content. Please report links and threads that do not follow this.
    We also give totally free stuff with no obligation towards us. We don't make you do anything or post about us. Its just free, as it should be.

    Thank you for reading.
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