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    T.P.C. is a private club. That means that generally its not opened to the public. Initially our member cap will be 100. Once that's achieved, registrations will be closed.
    Threads cannot be seen if one is not registered.
    Upon registering, one will not receive any emails. Each registration must be manually approved by a member of the staff. This can take from 1 hour up to 5 days.


    Members must follow the Rules. Staff and V.I.P. are exempted from the Rules.
    First message must be in Introductions to introduce yourself with the rest of the Club.
    Language here is only English. No other languages are allowed.
    Only one account is allowed for each person.
    Buying, selling or trading of accounts is not allowed.


    Advertising or linking to other website is not allowed.
    Spamming or harmful activity is not allowed
    You may not ask members to like your post, thank you, or add reputation to you.
    Porn and nudity are allowed.
    We do not censor any words.
    We do not send any emails. If you receive any email claiming to be from us, then its a fraud.
    We contact our members only through the club by a post, private message or chat.
    If in doubt about anything please contact one of the Staff.
    Any material found in the Club cannot be copied or passed to someone that's not a member.


    Before creating a new thread please make a search to check if a similar one exists.
    Follow the guideline of a staff member thread.
    Double posting or duplicate threads are not allowed.


    One must provide proof of ownership.
    Final bid must follow through. Failure to do so will result in being banned for good.


    One can be banned by a staff member for breaking the rules or by a V.I.P. person.
    Once banned you can contact us to be reinstated but there's no guarantee that you will be approved as a member again.
    Ips, country and other details are checked to make sure banned persons are not members again.


    To become V.I.P. one must either donate money or does any type of work for T.P.C.
    V.I.P. are exempted from these Rules.
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